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CalorieCap makes it easy to find restaurant meals that fit your lifestyle and help you reach your goals.

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Personalize your selections.

Not sure where to eat? Don't worry, we've got your back. You can find restaurants nearby based on where you are, or you can search for different types of meals using filters like specific macro limits, picking diets like Vegetarian or Keto, and making sure you avoid any foods you're allergic to. Your perfect meal is out there, waiting for you to enjoy.

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Discover your meal.

Look through your results to find what you like best. Dive into the pictures and descriptions to gain a better perspective. Mix things up by adding half portions and a drink. Your Meal page will show you how close you are to your calorie cap, making it easy to create the perfect meal. Still can't decide? Let us build your meal for you.

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Get help tracking your calories.

CalorieCap works best when used alongside a calorie tracking tool, helping you accurately calculate your available calories for each meal. If you're not currently monitoring your daily intake, we can assist you in determining your ideal calories per meal. Simply answer a few questions and get started today.

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Get more on the app.

Explore a wealth of exclusive features on the App, available for both iOS and Android. Refine your experience with advanced filters for macros, dietary preferences, allergen exclusions, location filtering, saved meals, personalized recommendations, and more!

*Some features only available to CalorieCap+ Subscribers

Thanks for this! This helps a bunch, usually I'm doing intense research on the internet for all the nutrition facts when I need to go out to eat.


Oh my gosh this is a lifesaver since it is so much quicker than finding nutrition info. I love it!


This is so helpful for me staying on my cut while still going out with friends, especially being able to sort by macros.


This is the best idea for an app ever and I thank you so, so much for making it. Helps take some frustration out of going out to eat when you're trying to be vigilant about calorie overconsumption!


I love this! My dad loves to eat out and I haven't been spending as much time with him because I automatically think it won't fit in to my days calories and this will totally help!


I love this - my biggest challenge when eating out is struggling to choose between what I actually want most and what would be a wiser choice, so being able to only view the options in my caloric "budget" will help me immensely.


Yo this is insane. Filtering by specific macros is a total game changer. Now I know which cheat meals can actually fit my macros


I cannot wait to share this with my client's! Thank you for making this app! It really takes away a lot of the stress of eating out!


This is freaking awesome!! I have so many possibilities for my 350 calorie lunch now. This makes me so happy! 😁 thank you!